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About TNT


Ben Hetzel is the founder and force behind the Tactical Nutrition Team

I grew up as an active kid.  I played a lot of baseball, loved playing outdoors with my friends, and was always looking for more ways to explore the physical environment.  

Eventually I ended up at U.W. Stevens Point studying exercise science in the department of health promotion and human development.  We focused on behavior change, as in how to adopt and continue healthier behaviors for life and create sustained positive change.  

Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle is getting more and more difficult as time goes on.  On one hand we have more access to food and fitness equipment.  


We continue to get more unhealthy by the year, with almost every lifestyle related disease on the rise.

Obesity.  Diabetes.  High blood pressure.  Autoimmune disease.

All of these are due in large part to our unhealthy lifestyles that we've adopted such as sitting around too much at desk jobs, sitting around too much at home, and eating more as a convenience in contrast to eating what would best fuel our body.

I started the Tactical Nutrition philosophy as  remedy to all of these problems.  

We're teamed up with the #1 nutrition company in the world.  We're out to help people have better workouts, teach them how to shop better, how to eat better.  How to FEEL BETTER.

Nutrition and fitness are my personal passions.  I believe that we have more potential in these areas for excellent health and wellness; far beyond what we've been told from society.  We are limitless.

It is our goal to help you with your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle objectives.  We welcome you and are standing by to PERSONALLY COACH and work with YOU to be the best possible version of yourself.

Ben Hetzel

B.S. Health Promotion & Wellness

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Health / Lifestyle Coach