Breaking the victim mentality: Agree to disagree

Breaking the victim mentality


No matter what side you take on the healthcare debate, whether you are for or against pharmaceuticals, holistic doctors, herbalists, energy healers or whatever it may be, one thing is certain; the mainstream health industry has become so commercialized that business and corporate agendas have overshadowed the fundamental right of human beings to have the best and most effective care available to them, without all the red tape.

If you are a pharmaceutical company, it would make sense that you would be competitive and attempt to increase profits, but at what cost and how far are you willing to go?  Its gotten to the point where the quest for increasing the bottom line has usurped genuine interest in helping people.

One clandestine way that this is achieved is through the creation of a “victim mentality”. 

I’m simply astounded by the number of people I meet throughout my normal activities that have taken a certain disease or problem and completely identified with it, emulsifying it into their own life.  It may be chronic back pain, asthma, migraines, stomach issues, autoimmune disease.  Its always the same response: “so-and-so told me that there is no cure and that I’ll have to live with it forever.”

If there is a bigger social lie at work then I am unaware of it.  Mainstream healthcare has gotten such an ego and has been so infected by the pharmaceutical advertising campaign that it has the audacity to say that there is nothing that can be done.  All they really mean is that they don’t know how to do it!  That doesn’t mean that someone else in this entire world doesn’t know! 

In my opinion this is just as bad a practice as a purposefully false diagnosis to push a certain treatment or drug. 

And this is how victims are made in the healthcare industry; victims that will willingly accept a thought-virus like this; victims that will bend the knee to their masters and close-shut their mind to the idea of a cure.

The victim mental state is to me the single biggest red flag when I am speaking to a potential client or just lending out some advice.  Here’s a direct example.

I was at a coffee shop writing a blog article about a year ago and I noticed one of the employees was uncharacteristically moody and depressed.  Naturally I asked if everything was alright.  She told me that she had been to the doctor earlier for some pain in her eye.  The doctor had told her that it could possibly be a sign of multiple-schlerosis, a hard to treat autoimmune disease.  I said to her:

“Well, the good news is that there are lots of treatments and potential cures in the alternative health industry, so even if your doctor is right, and he may not be, then you can craft a healing plan.”

Her response was somewhat angrily directed at me:

“That’s not true, my doctor told me that there’s no cure and I’ll have it for the rest of my life!”

This is just a horrible job of communication on the doctor’s part.  Not only is he taking a stab at a diagnosis, which is fine, but to point the finger immediately at the worst-case scenario you are needlessly scaring the patient.  And then, to tell them that the disease they may or may not even have is “uncurable”, which is a certifiable lie, is just a lousy stab-in-the dark fearmongering operation which does nothing to soothe the patient.

The first step to breaking any habit is to stare that habit or thought-form straight in the face, relish it for all its absurdity, and then realize that is has no power other than that which you give it.

How to know if you are a victim (It’s totally your choice)


There’s a well known proverb that says that its not the situation that matters its how you react that matters.  Nothing could be truer with the victim mentality. 

Victims tend to be largely operating with the left-side of their brain.  This is the analytical and linear thinking side.  This is the side that thrives in America’s education system based off of memorization and regurgitation of relatively useless facts and dates, while having a hard time connecting seemingly unconnected things.

Victims tend to be much more dependent on others for their guiding principles.  There is an increased reliance on authority and government figures and agencies that they believe are there to protect and serve them, even though this is patently false.  I’m not trying to belittle people here, but close-mindedness and a reliance on the state seem to be a hallmark feature of victims.

Unfortunately science, while moving far ahead of anything we could have dreamed a few decades ago, has pidgeon-holed itself on some major topics, and has been largely usurped by corporate interests masquerading as benevolent saviors (like the AMA and FDA).

One issue of profound importance is genetics.  This fantastic branch of science has been used to craft a physical and deterministic model of human health, for the large part discarding “alternative” views about spirituality, higher consciousness, reincarnation and other occult ideas.  With the usual bravado that these left-brain groups possess they laugh condescendingly at such ideas.  But that doesn’t mean these ideas don’t exist, it just means the emphasize of our current mind-control media paradigm has a spotlight on genetics and determinism. 

Its fairly easy to demoralize and enslave someone in the system if you can convince them at a young age that their body is a mechanical machine with the usual glitches associated with such, with genetics just unwinding their lives out like a spool, eventually malfunctioning and causing death.  Also, many people are “genetically predisposed” for diseases and so shouldn’t be surprised when their health deteriorates. 

This goes right along with our outdated theories on aging and the associated ideas.  Instead of the truth, which is that people have lots of bad habits that they repeat for decades and eventually cause “age related problems” like osteoporosis and heart disease, we are told that these same concerns are a natural part of aging.  Correlation is not the same as causation. 

Anyone who doesn’t fall into the sickness paradigm is deemed “lucky” with a contemptuous shrug and then dismissed.  Many times the placebo effect is blamed for something like a spontaneous cancer remission or some other strange cure.  What we’re not told is that the placebo effect is nothing short of the power of our thinking to impact our bodies.  Also not mentioned is the fact that we can improve this placebo effect continuously and stimulate even more powerful ways to heal ourselves.

So, the first step to escaping the victim / why me / poor little me paradigm is to realize that it’s a giant pile of bollocks that we’ve been unwittingly conned into accepting as the truth.  While this can be an enraging process as the truth of being lied to through most of our lives sinks in and causes feelings of betrayal, it also is the most empowering feeling possible, one I remember distinctly growing inside me as I journeyed further and further into the literature and sciences of natural healing.

Breaking free: Shedding the victim mentality and growing through it


I hope you realize how empowering it can be to slowly break free from the victim mentality, if you haven’t felt it for yourself already!  However, there is a price to be paid for looking up from the herd and breaking these very popular mental habits.

The hardest part of breaking this thought process of victimization is knowing that an overwhelming portion of the population still has this thought process.  This is not meant as insult if it sounds that way, its just that bizarrely in our society it is socially frowned upon to take full responsibility of your life, all the good and all the bad with it.  This is a hard process at first but is part of the spiritual system of shedding false beliefs.

Taking full responsibility does not mean belittling yourself for past activities and thoughts.  Part of being a human being is not being perfect, usually nowhere near in fact, but accepting your faults while you work on yourself. 

The converse side is that by taking full responsibility of your life and health, and I mean full, uncontested responsibility, is that you are now free from the slave-shackles of the masses and are free to pursue your destiny, whatever you feel in your heart that is.  When this happens you don’t dwell on the past, but you are aware of it.  You don’t stress and get anxious about the future, but you are aware of it.  But more than anything you are present in the moment and cultivating thoughts of positivity and potential, as opposed to poor-little-me thoughts that you used to have.

Taking full responsibility for my health has been an extremely trying and rewarding process.  I’ve had entire groups of people attack me for trying to free them from the victim mentality.  Oddly enough their attack is a direct example of the victim mentality as they are closed off from the imagination which is crucial for visualizing and creating perfect health.

You will be scoffed at by doctors and others in the mainstream health industry.  This is ok.  You will be ridiculed by common citizens for “spreading fake news” or whatever skin-deep attack can be launched.  The empowered mind knows and expects this and doesn’t take these things personally. 

But the victim mentality goes beyond health.  Its everywhere and it has to be exorcised out using your own mind.  Poor-little-me is everywhere, complaining about their circumstances, complaining about why they don’t have any money, whining about other people and events that don’t concern them, and generally being annoying.  Many of us are constantly oscillating in and out of the victim mentality.  Its not a clear-cut path and some people have instances of supreme independence and confidence followed by poor-little-me episodes of blaming and shoulder slumping.

Keep in mind the next time you enter the healthcare system that someone is trying to sell you something and one way to capture you in the net is to get you to convince yourself that you are a victim.  Nobody can make you a victim, nobody.  But you can make an agreement with the universe, one of “I have a disease and there is no cure and that’s how it is”, to which the universe will unapologetically agree, or you can say “I do not agree with this diagnosis and I will have the pinnacle of health”, and the universe will agree with that too.  Whatever you present will be agreed upon, so choose wisely.

Ben Hetzel

Health Coach