Change your mindset - change your life

“Change your mindset, change your life”

“Change your mindset, change your life”

I had the remarkable experience a few years ago of hearing Garrain Jones during a monthly business training with my MLM company. At the time he was a “rising star” in the company, impacting untold numbers of lives. I have heard and experienced many different life-rattling stories from people in my company, but few surpass the wisdom and power that this man exudes…

Without going into vast detail, Garrain was a struggling musician and was living a sort of double-life before he found his calling. While showing the world a fake image (like many do) he was in fact living out of his car and hopelessly broke, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

I’ll never forget his story. One day, as he was going into a gas station to buy what little food he could afford, a homeless man called out to him. Garrain recalled that the man said a very simple statement that changed his life forever and set into motion a cascade of events.

“Change your mindset, change your life.”

Garrain recalled how it almost sounded as if the homeless man was channeling this statement. It was obviously a very strange thing for a random homeless man to say in the first place. But it reverberated in his head like a mantra from that moment onward.

Garrain proceeded to join our company and generate a massive following and business. He became what he always wanted to be: a transformation specialist!

Now, he travels the world and has his own channel that you can find by searching for the “Garrain Jones Flow” where he gives life advice and helps support his followers.

I think that we all have these opportunities throughout our life. These strange occurrences that offer monumental impacting knowledge—if we’re in the correct mindset to notice them!

Mindfullness - the key to changing your mindset

I’ll never forget the first time I tried meditation. I felt like an idiot, had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway, and the first five minutes changed my life forever.

I realized very quickly something that plagues most people, especially in America. My thoughts were not my own and they were out of control. I literally could not concentrate on the candle that I had lit to focus on. Every two seconds some random, useless and usually negative thought would come cramming into my head. Before long, and without even realizing it I would go off on a massive “mental tangent” that would last for minutes on end. Eventually I would realize that I had lost my concentration, chuckle at my own stupidity and then focus back to the candle.

Over time, I became better and better at holding my concentration on the candle. After a couple of months I was able to do 20-30 minute meditations with minimal distractions.

Many people mistakenly think that meditation is about not thinking. Nothing could be further than the truth! While there are all types of ways to get into meditation, one key factor that I’ve seen across the different strategies is this crucial point:

You do not fight the thoughts, you allow them to enter your mind, and you just simply observe them.

The observation that you are the observer of the thoughts, and not the thoughts themselves, is a radical mindset shift. I believe that it is one of the pillars supporting Garrain Jones’ statement of “change your mindset, change your life".

How many people do YOU know that suffer from chronic depression and anxiety? How many times have you yourself felt hopelessly controlled by your thoughts? Its as if we are taught that, for some reason, our thoughts control us and not the other way around.

When I realized that I was not my thoughts, it became laughably obvious how ignorant and useless of an idea it is that my thoughts could control me. I literally would sit and laugh midway through my meditations when troubling thoughts and images would flow into my psyche. Once I realized that I was infinitely more powerful than these stupid and ignorant thoughts, the realization came that they hold zero power over me. I realized that a large part of my anxieties and fears were quite literally made up.

mind manipulation.jpg

My first “sales book”

Don’t let the title fool you; this book is much more about taming and controlling your own mind, not manipulating others. The “enemy” in this book is actually our own mind, which controls us without our knowing it.

There is a famous quote out of this book, taken from a list of Buddha’s quotes. It sums up the control of our minds and how we can tame it quite nicely. I’m paraphrasing a bit here…

My mind used to wander as it pleased. Now, I have tamed it the way a warrior tames his horse
— Guatama

He was speaking about his meditations here, which he used to assume direct control over his mind.

I believe that meditation, nothing special, just run of the mill relaxation and control of the breath, is the first step in mindset shifting. The first step is to know your enemy. This has been associated with the “jailkeeper” that is our self-created limiting mindset beliefs. The Buddha was supposed to have determined that he would not get up from under his tree until he had discovered the meaning of life, which he succeeded in doing, and attaining enlightenment.

He was reported to have confronted the jailkeeper by seizing him and seeing his “true face”. Once he saw that the jailkeeper was in fact his own mind, the entire “jail” disappeared, never to be rebuilt.

If all of this seems strange and “woo-woo”, you’re not alone. In the West particularly we have a mindset programming system, known as “education”, which instills limiting mindset beliefs from birth and adds further concrete each waking second, cementing shut our minds and creating this jail that the Buddha spoke of.

We are taught that most things are random and out of our control. Literally every second we are bombarded with fear-based ideas.

We could say that modern education systems act as jailkeeper recruitment centers. Moment to moment we are programmed. More and more people are becoming close minded and ignorant. We are taught next to NOTHING about our spiritual nature!

Sooner or later, usually on the deathbed, people come to grips with the cold, hard facts: most of the things they worried about during their lives mean absolutely nothing. Dreams go to the grave, unfulfilled potential included. We don’t think about spirituality and expanding mindsets, only to be confronted by all of this right before we leave this life!

Meditation on death is one of the best forms of contemplation. Does that sound morbid? I once heard from (Tony Robbins?) that one of the best ways to help with anxiety and depression is to wake up and first thing in the morning imagine that you are dead. Let your imagination roam. Obviously this is impossible because none of us knows really what happens after we die. But just doing this meditation shows us our fragility, and when we realize this we can also realize how ridiculous it is to worry about all these tiny little details that society has ensnared us with. When you meditate on death it also makes you think very hard about what you’re doing with your life and whether its the correct path for you.

And its this innate “feeling” that we are not doing what we are supposed to do that causes anxiety and depression! It is a spiritual sign. Short term depression is not bad, it is a learning experience. We are not supposed to feel happy all the time. This life has lessons to be learned, good and bad. Upon further meditation on this subject, we start to get even deeper into the contemplation, what really is “good” versus “bad”? How can you have good, without bad? The image of the yin-yang comes to mind. We have to know suffering to know appreciation!

What is anxiety? Thinking about the future, which hasn’t happened. What is depression? Thinking about the past, which is done and gone. What happens when you are just here, now, in the moment? See how anxiety and depression are illusions? If you’re not thinking about the past or future then you cannot possibly be anxious or depressed!

And this is when the mindset shift happens. Realizing that its all an illusion sets the stage for the next crucial step: seizing complete control of the mind. This is where creation happens. This is where manifestation happens. The law of attraction can set into effect.

This mindset shift is always going to be empowering. Thoughts that used to make me extremely anxious or worried or depressed, suddenly have light shed on them. They are miniscule and I am inconceivably powerful. I laugh at these thoughts, these futile thoughts that I made up in my own head. And guess what, you can too.

I think the key is what the Tibetans call the “middle road”. This is the balance in life that creates prosperity and more importantly allows us to learn the lessons we’re supposed to. Being on the middle road does not mean meditation all the time. It means balance. It means going with the natural flow of the universe. There needs to be adequate work as well as relaxation. Sleep goes with wakefulness, you can’t stay awake all the time and certainly you cannot sleep all the time.

I firmly believe that the universe will certainly give you stronger and stronger signals as to what you are supposed to be doing. The main problem is that we are particularly brainwashed in the West and lack the mental fortitude to actually see what’s going on. But slowly and surely the universe sends signals, stronger and stronger until eventually you are forcibly knocked back on track. I know this has happened to me many times personally. The Tibetan Masters say that meditation is the ultimate goal of life. Because meditation allows us to see the signs around us easier, when we are not trapped into worrying and depressing thoughts all the time.

The best example I’ve read about is a glass of muddy water. You cannot see through the muddy water, but if you allow the glass to settle (as in meditation for your mind) then slowly it clears and you can see through. This is the fundamental aspect of mindset shifts. Seeing clearer, and using your mind rather than having it control you.

Ben Hetzel