Eat more to lose weight?

One of the most damaging ideas that still permeates in fitness today is the "calorie in vs. calorie out" thought paradigm.  With this idea, losing weight should be easily attainable just by eating less and moving more.  And sometimes this does in fact work.  But its also a long term disaster!

What really needs to be understood is that the metabolism reacts to how we feed ourselves.  It is supposed to slow down when there are long periods of not eating.  It also becomes more efficient so you don't burn as many calories!  What this means is that your body will actually adapt to not eating as much and so you will stop losing weight.

Keeping the metabolism high is one of the primary goals of any nutrition plan.  With a ramped up ability to burn calories comes the ultimate dream scenario: you burn fat while you sleep!

So how come most people that we see that eat a lot aren't in good shape?  Because they're eating the wrong stuff.  And this also has to do with the metabolism.  

When your body gets food that it likes it reacts.  Fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods stimulate the body to start working.  The body is eager to get at these nutrients.  However, when bad stuff like fast food is eaten, the opposite is true.  The body wants to get rid of this unnatural, highly toxic food.  And that food clogs up the system.

So if you're just starting your journey of health and wellness, step one is to make better choices with your food choices: cut out the habitual offenders and the useless fillers.  Then, add in more fruits and vegetables, or a delicious smoothie to get your nourishment.  

Once you're body is used to getting these healthy foods, something amazing usually happens.  Your appetite goes through the roof!  This is a good sign because guess what?  You now get to eat more food to give your body what it craves.  

Eating healthy can be very tasty and rewarding!  Look up healthy recipes using pinterest, or buy a cookbook and start experimenting.

In the end, you can eat a lot of food that is good for you and always tastes great!  The end result is lots of energy and the accompanying result of reduced bodyfat.

Ben Hetzel

Nutrition Specialist 

Benjamin Hetzel