Exit The Matrix Part 1: The Fear Construct


In the famous movie "The Matrix" Morpheus first shows Neo "The Construct" which is the program where they can create whatever they want.  I think this use of the term 'construct' is very fitting when we describe the reality of the matrix we live in.


We all experience emotions here on earth through a spectrum that can actually be measured in terms of frequency.  Think about what I just wrote: emotions can literally be recorded according to wavelength and frequency.  This has massive implications.  In reality everything in this universe is just a different frequency.  And like a radio dial can change stations we have the ability to switch our frequency at will.  

But it is a difficult skill to learn.  It takes practice and special breathing techniques, as well as knowledge of how to do it through visualization and sound.  

Energy frequencies of different emotions

Energy frequencies of different emotions

Notice how it is a complex spectrum.  It is not simply 'love-fear' or 'happy-depressed'.  There are complex emotions in here such as grief, regret, and perhaps most importantly: blame.

So back to that idea of "the construct" from The Matrix.  It symbolizes our birth.  We come into this world with a blank canvas, a white nothingness expanding in every direction.  In fact there is no "direction" because this blank canvas is your mind.  Right when we're born, we begin to build our world from our own individual construct.

In The Matrix Morpheus explains how there are no set rules in the matrix; they can be bent and even broken.  But in our world we are constantly bombarded with limits, rules, regulations and insecurities.  It is part of life.  It can't be all roses and champagne.  However, every time we assimilate one of these rules or accept someone's limited beliefs, we become weaker and weaker.  In fact, we create our own limitations in our mind in the most bizarre fashion.  

Many people are stuck in the lower frequencies of emotion.  Depression, anxiety and general confusion are at historic heights.  Almost every single disease is on the rise, even with our exceptional technology.  More and more limitations are being assimilated, leaked out into the matrix, bombarding us all from every conceivable angle.

Nuclear war, dictatorships, terrorists, ebola, zika, random acts of murder, conspiracies, hurling accusations, psychopaths, and the complete mind-control of the zombie masses.

Yes, you are right.  I just described the mainstream media.  This apparatus is the number one factor in keeping people in the lowest frequencies of fear, terror, anxiety, regret, and most importantly: blame.

Our mental construct when we're born

Our mental construct when we're born


Notice how far down the spectrum 'blame' is.  Its damn near death!  I've noticed an exponential increase in blamers, whiners and others of their ilk.  Some call them "snowflakes", some call them "wimps", I just refer to them as slaves of the matrix.  These people will blame anything and everything to explain away their own deep rooted insecurities and issues, and will stop at nothing to spew an endless barrage of excuses, accusations and blame.  Once you start to break out of the matrix you will should heed this advice: if you see these targets, do not engage, I repeat, do NOT engage.  

We've heard the saying "it's like arguing with a brick wall" and this is figuratively and literally correct.  These people have created brick walls around a perimeter of their psyche, they have limited their own construct, and so nothing can get in, including you.

In the most utter irony, these are the very people that need saving the most.  Getting yourself out of the matrix is hard enough, trying to help others is the ultimate challenge, in my opinion the greatest challenge. We do this by helping people unselfishly and not expecting to get something out of it.  In fact, what you'll probably get is a pain in the ass for your efforts.  But its also our duty to help raise other people's vibrations.  Isn't that what living in global harmony really is?  

When you're in the love / joy part of the spectrum, the frivolous and unproductive ideas of war and pointlessly harming others is the epitome of being counterproductive.  You'll also find all the other usual suspects with regards to violent and just plain mean behavior: greed, lust, fear, regret, apathy.  

Do you see how the energetic spectrum is just a mirror image of how people act in our real lives?  How many people do you know who make every excuse in the book, are close-minded and in general a bummer to be around?  They are slaves to the matrix, and unfortunately not all of them will "wake up".  

Empowering ideas are higher frequency, and disempowering ideas are lower frequency.

From my research these are the most prominent ideas of our time that serve as the primary frequency-lowering mechanisms that we gladly implant in our construct:


I'm not saying the study of genetics is bad, that's absurd and detrimental to science.  However, we are lead to believe that genetics control our destiny which is simply false.  About 5% of genetics is hard wired, the rest is adjustable in one way or another, like a light switch.  Epigenetics proves that the environment, including the mental environment, changes DNA.  This would explain why being negative, stressed and anxious contributes so highly to disease.  This is the mechanism which it acts.

Newtonian Physics

There are no atoms, no electrons, no such thing as matter.  They are all frequency.  This is quantum physics which has surpassed standard Newton / Einstein physics.  Yet this archaic idea is still taught in public education, and it is a limiting belief system.  It creates separation from what is all-inclusive.  We are taught that these little building blocks just add up and create what we see, but quantum physics crushes this fallacy as well.  Even mainstream science admits atoms are 99.99% or more just empty space.  This means that our body is 99.99% empty space because we are made of atoms.  Wrap your head around that!

Public Education

It is of my humble opinion that public education has been a disaster since the passage of the Second Morrill Act in 1890 which gave the responsibility of funding education to the Dept of Education.  Once funding sources changed to the state, the hijacking of education began in earnest.  Government is synonymous with corporations these days as anyone informed well knows.  So our public education is more like information cherry picked from politicians and big corporations.  Former employee of the Dept. of Education Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a seminal book called The Dumbing Down of America detailing the true and unfortunate aims of public education: to create obedient workers for the rich.  The aim is just enough knowledge to be a good worker bee but not enough to truly question what's going on around them.  

The university system is mainly an extension of public education.  While there are valuable skills learned, it is also a place where creativity is rejected in exchange for memorizing facts and following the leader, instead of creating leaders.  The University decides what will be learned, which means it is another method of control.

Mainstream Media

Second only to the education system, mainstream media uses the most cutting edge psychological tactics available to tell people exactly what to think.  The more I learn and research the more obvious it becomes that many people are not creating their own customized program from their construct, rather they are simply downloading other people's programs and echoing them as their own.  While clearly there has to be a truth to all things, we have been divided between liberal / conservative, left / right, radical / moderate and much more.  People fully entrenched in the matrix have a tell: They love to regurgitate other people's opinions while willfully ignoring evidence to the contrary.  The "brick wall argument" ensues.  

IN CONCLUSION, many people are stuck in the lower vibrational matrix.  We all fluctuate with our emotions, this is perfectly normal.  But balance must be attained.  With more people than ever anxious and depressed and on all manner of medications it is clear that there is a vibrational imbalance that is affecting many, many people.  

In part two, we explore how to shift frequency and how your frequency and vibration actually impacts your health, which is very exciting science!