Exit The Matrix Part 3: Unplugging

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Unplugging is easier than you think

The actual movie "The Matrix" is of course a metaphor for the world that we actually exist in.  Once you draw the parallels between the characters and issues they face in the movie, you can find their equivalent here in our world.

"The Matrix" itself, is nothing more than our subconscious mind.  Since we operate on average 95% of the time in our subconscious / programmed / reactive mind this is the matrix itself.  Subconscious patterns rule most people's lives.  We see it literally all the time.  We see it when people are afraid to go for their dreams; we hear it when people cycle off pre-programmed excuses time and time again.  In fact, pretty much any time that we feel what we perceive as fear and hesitation we are operating out of our fear construct (see part 1) and are therefore operating on often outdated and debilitating programs that could go back as far as early childhood.  

"Feel the fear and do it anyway" seems to be a maxim of the successful in our world.  We see champions in our own lives and instantly try to justify why we can't do what they do or what makes that person somehow physically or genetically superior to us.  

Unfortunately the truth is more sobering: the only limitations on what we can achieve exist within our minds and are therefore within our realm of control.  

Most people (including myself) don't like the idea of having to carry the burden of truth that we are totally responsible for our lives.  We would rather justify why other people were luckier or had better circumstances than we do.  We literally, while operating mind you at the subconscious level, willingly execute programs that were created for us by other people / organizations and then spoon fed to us since birth.  

But the first step to hacking the matrix is twofold: 

1) You are responsible for everything that has happened in your life up to this point

2) You are therefore responsible (in control) of all that will happen from this point forward

Jocko Willink's book Extreme Ownership entails this nicely and is a highly recommended read.  Be forewarned; taking extreme responsibility is a huge step and responsibility in itself, and it opens the door for helping other people take total responsibility as well.

As we hack The Matrix it becomes our personal duty to help others escape.  To me this could be the ultimate goal of life in general: Learning the lessons we need to grow, accepting that responsibility and expanding our influence...like a ripple through the matrix...to help other people grow and expand as well!

Many people want spiritual growth but don't understand that with it comes even more burden, as now you need to help people just like YOU were helped on the way.  It is much, much easier to play the victim your entire life, constantly whining and pissing and moaning, blaming any and everything around you while expecting other people to use their energy to drag you up.  That's not how this works.  The victim is the lowest form of spiritual and psychological growth.  The only time we need this victim mentality to survive is at birth when we are LITERALLY incapable of addressing our own needs.  But as we grow as humans, there is a flow, from dependent (child) to independent (young adult) to interdependent (full maturity / responsibility).  

The hardest part in my opinion is transitioning from "independent" to "interdependent".  But its a valuable step to unplug us from the victim-state of the matrix, which revolves around fear and limited belief systems (atheism, genetic "predeterminism", "white privelage", etc.) that are all designed by the very threads of the matrix itself to create low-vibrational sheep that are easy to control, don't think independently and certainly don't realize that they are stuck in some sort of simulation.

Once you have declared your full responsibility it is time to move forward without all the excess baggage that serves absolutely no purpose except to haunt you and make you doubt yourself, your abilities and your future.

At the end of the last piece I put forward my own little schematic in the form of the following:

YOUR THOUGHTS determine 

YOUR EMOTIONS which dictate how you

SPEAK TO YOURSELF AND THE WORLD which then has great impact on the

ACTIONS YOU NEED TO TAKE in order to achieve


Many times we try to skip steps here.  We try to take actions but can't keep them up over the long term because our thoughtforms have not created the emotional environment needed to spur those actions.  So we skid and stutter and eventually stop, discouraged (by the very thoughts we needed to change in the FIRST place!)

If there is one thing that we all have complete control over it is what we think and what we say to ourselves based on those thoughts.  Without some complex intervention this is our "happy place" or "core" where we can control our thoughts.

Words are like magic.  They literally have the vibrational characteristic to manipulate the world around us.  This is no different than putting out a "spell"...or using "spell check" if you "misspelled" the word.  Do you see how these words originated from magic "spells"?

Many Eastern philosophies and religions stressed the use of affirmations and / or mantras and this is by design.  Mantras are either thoughts or words spoken aloud that are repeated, at great length, in order to create energetic "framework" inside of your own subconscious mind.  This is not much different than "self talk" that we all have.  

Noticing how you speak to yourself is the first step.  Just being aware.  Don't try to change what you hear, just listen to your own mind, and take "mental notes" of what's being said.  Are there recurring themes and thoughts that just seem to keep coming back?  What emotions do you feel when you get these thoughts?  Does your "inner voice" sound condescending or empowering?  

Most people simply would not tolerate for any period of time someone following them around chanting in the person's ear about how stupid they are, how worthless or inadequate or lazy, how ugly, poor, destitute, unappealing they are.  

But many people go through months, years, decades of such self abuse.  They speak so poorly of themselves.  What do you expect an all loving universe which is prepared to give you everything you ask for is going to do when the repeated mantra and / or program is "I stink. I'm poor. I'm sick. There is no cure. Nobody likes me. I'm ugly.  I'm uncoordinated. I have no skills. I have no dreams.  I am a victim of circumstance.  Its my mom's fault.  It's everyone's fault but not mine.  There will never be an end to my torment."

One of the key ideas to understand is, again, the universal laws, or "law of attraction" or "resonance" or whatever term we call this manifestation of reality, is that you receive the echo vibration you emit so if you're talking negatively about yourself and other people guess what's going to echo back in your face?

The key here is that the exact opposite is true.  If you constantly have empowering thoughts and encourage yourself and, more than anything else, you love yourself regardless of what happens to you or what others think of you, you will feel the echo of this vibration and you will attract loving, happy people and circumstances in ways that modern science simply can't explain, because the forces at work are deeper and more profound than our archaic science.

So your thoughts create your...words...

What you focus on is what you get.  When you start turning from disempowering and draining thoughts to thoughts of gratitude and peace, the way you speak to yourself changes.  The way you go to work and view the world changes...everything changes!  This is like taking off a pair of sunglasses, and finally seeing the world without a predetermined filter in place.  Positive thoughts reinforce an "I can do this" attitude and then we magically start speaking to ourselves and other people better.  We exude more confidence, and this attracts people.  

This is why its so important to write things down, like goals and dreams and aspirations.  Once these thoughts are "transmuted" into written or spoken word, you have now successfully released a "packet" of energy into the matrix (universe).  Magical things seem to happen when we take ideas in our own heads and present them to the world either spoken or written.

So it is very important to surround yourself with positive words and thoughts which will breed better emotions and stability.  This includes the music you listen to, the things you watch on tv, the things your friends and coworkers say.

One of the toughest parts of this transition is accepting the fact that some people, things and habits are simply going to have to go, at least temporarily.  When you explain what you're trying to do to your environment of friends and family, do they support you, or instantly revert to subconscious patterns of negativity and fear?  One for-sure success principle is to surround yourself with higher-frequency people and influences.  Don't let a perpetual energy draining vampire suck you down.

Once you can change the way you speak to yourself, the behavior changes can seem much easier.  Positive self talk and surrounding yourself with positive people can be a great catalyst to changing our...


Its much harder to be motivated and enthusiastic about your goals and life in general when your mind is full of negativity and self-doubt.  So it can be a really freeing moment when you start to experience the "I can do this" attitude instead of the fear / reaction based construct and start to get more aggressive and risky (to a point).

And we all know that the actions, the minute to minute, day to day actions, are what make our lives...for better or worse.  Sitting around whining and worrying achieves essentially nothing while exploring and fearlessly attacking life can phenomenal and unprecedented results!

So to wrap this all up the most pertinent ground-zero strategy is to realize that our thoughts control the whole system, and that our thoughts are also completely within our control.  With this in mind, if you don't like where you are or what life is handing you, take control of your thinking process.  It takes time, its not an instant fix, but its the first step to empowerment and escaping the fear-complex which all too often results in coming up woefully short of our dreams and wishing that things could have been better.

Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Outcome

Please let me know your thoughts on this mentality and what you like or dislike in the comments below!  And if you like what you see be sure to share this so that we can set the chain reaction in motion to change our lives forever.

Ben Hetzel

Benjamin Hetzel