Exit The Matrix Part Two: Overcoming and Unplugging

The awakening process is not easy, but it is essential.

The awakening process is not easy, but it is essential.

In part one we discuss the Fear Construct base program that essentially, in my eyes, encompasses the vast majority of what is presented to us in the form of education, media and premeditated efforts to control our minds so that we don't only serve the system, but actively defend it from our fellow dissidents, who throughout history have proved to the the real movers and shakers in innovation and intelligence.

Basic Recap: Its all vibration and frequency, period

In the first part we see how everything in this known universe and even beyond it can be measured via frequency and vibration.  Our emotions have frequency, and our emotions are tied directly to our thoughts, which are tied directly to our words, which are tied directly to our actions.  Fearful thoughts create fearful emotions which create fearful speech (internal and external) which creates fearful action: Procrastination, hopelessness, fear and the victim mentality. 

One important note is that raising your frequency requires hard work.  It is not as simple as ignoring reality and just having "happy thoughts" all the time.  Its not about repressing your negative emotions, but in fact feeling them in their entirety at the moment of their inception but then having the emotional awareness to feel the emotion, note it, study it, and then release it so it doesn't create excess emotional baggage.

Unselfish love is one of the highest frequencies of emotions.  This means loving people regardless of whether they love you back.  They may even completely disagree with your entire existence, but it is our sworn mission as high-frequency beings to help these people REGARDLESS of what we may receive in turn.  

This is Jesus' "turn the other cheek" mentality.  It doesn't mean that you just take scuff from everyone and don't defend yourself where need be.  In fact violence may be warranted if someone is blatantly violating your universal right of FREE WILL.  This is a topic I want to touch on briefly: unselfish love and the one universal law which is you cannot impede on the freewill of another being. 

Sometimes unselfishly loving someone means giving them the hard truth even if they don't want to hear it.  This is done unselfishly by you, because you feel you are helping that person even if they don't agree or they resist you.  This is unselfish love.  

In a more extreme example, if there is a serial killer who is on a rampage and you discover him in the act, it would be unselfishly loving of you to end that person's life to protect the innocent.  For one the serial killer is violating freewill (unwarranted violence is the ultimate manifestation of violating freewill) so you are applying that law.  And another thing is you actually be unselfishly loving the serial killer by ending his psychopathic run on earth, perhaps giving his soul a chance to reemerge later as an ostensible human being.  

Unselfish love is not always "positive" to the outside viewer.  It is done from a perspective of doing what is right for someone, regardless of what it means for you in return.

Its important to understand this concept as unselfish love is a very high frequency that is worked at OVER TIME and so it is a primary goal for those wishing to raise frequency and health to exit the matrix and / or fear construct program.

How to exit the matrix

The first step in exiting the matrix is realizing that you are in the matrix.  Many people get out of this mentality (that is what the Matrix is: a mentality and frequency) without knowing it even exists.  There is no "manual" to do this.  It has to be a personal journey.  But, from my experience I have noticed that these thought patterns depict the vast majority still "plugged in":

General closemindedness

Do you find yourself constantly rejecting people's opinions based off of your own?  Are you actively engaging in mind expansion via seeking knowledge, or are you sticking stubbornly to your ideas like they are dogma?  This is a tell-tale sign of being stuck in the Fear Construct (Matrix).  Unfortunately, for obvious reasons these poor souls rarely escape because their closemindedness prevents them from exploring alternative and conflicting ideas.  A recent poll was astounding: 60% don't read another book after college / highschool.  This group only has the public education system to program them.  They are STUCK in the matrix by design.  Chances are if you're reading this you are more open-minded.  Often times the control system uses terms like "conspiracy theorist" or "gullible" or "uneducated" to demean and ridicule open-minded people in an effort to keep the main herd moving where they want.  A few strays never hurt anyone.  

Explore information and science and spirituality lavishly and without judgement and you will be on the track to learning and applying some awesome and empowering stuff!

Constant anxiety, fear and depression

Coincidentally the three above mentioned issues are among the lowest vibrations on the emotional spectrum.  This position is precisely where the control system (matrix operators) wants us.  When we live in anxiety and fear we are generally not going to fight back.  We're not going to innovate and utilize our infinite potential when we are constantly worried.  As a bonus for the matrix operatives, these emotions leave the body vulnerable to sickness and disease.  Eventualy we are in a fearful, anxious, medicated and dumbed-down state which makes for the perfect lower-class worker in America.

Fear is a normal emotion and one necessary for growth.  Without fear there would be no courage.  But the key is that if you feel fear, sometimes you just have to do it anyway, that's what real courage is.  

By combating these lower-rung emotions with their higher vibrational counterparts (courage, mindfullness and elation) you can effectively starve out these lower states.  As you build up momentum and start feeling fantastic, as you will I promise you, then you gain courage naturally and also a shield against outside forces (like haters).

Thinking you know everything

This is just another form of close-mindedness.  Highly intelligent and successful people tend to be the biggest learners.  The most financially successful and emotionally stable people I've met are taking notes constantly on everything.  Even things they've known for years, they are constantly redefining their world.  It takes humility to admit you don't know it all.  

Constantly blaming and making excuses

The crux of the argument here.  These are the people which we are trying to save the most and also can be the most frustrating to deal with at times!  The number one thing failures have in common is that they blame anything and everything but themselves.  When confronted with new ideas or advice, they simply rattle off a pre-determined list of excuses that they have edited and prepared to execute on command.  its automatic for them to make excuses, and this is very low frequency: BLAME.

Taking full responsibility serves two purposes to escape the matrix and find the path to ultimate health; it is a high marker of emotional and personal maturity and is to be commended, for when people can admit mistakes and take responsibility they are now open for growth and "coachable"; and it also allows and immense amount of emotional baggage to be dropped like the dead weight it is.  

What that means is that we can get out of a vibration of regret which weighs us down, and into a higher vibration of gratitude for what we have.  This is an amazing step towards self mastery and higher vibration!

The Solutions: Empowering and Freeing (The Matrix, that is)

The real-world solutions to help get out of the Matrix are really nothing more than a regimen of practices that successful people have been talking and writing about for literally thousands of years.

I have a four part system that you can follow to turn this franchise around and get into the best shape and mental attitude of your life.  I'll go over them in detail in PART 3 but here they are as a bit of a cliffhanger:

THOUGHTS determine

EMOTIONS which determine how we 


OUR ACTIONS which directly correlates to 



Meditate on that and let it sink in, as we'll go through exactly what that means in the next installment.

Until next time: