Health Matrix episode #2: You MUST trust the process

In this newest installment we’re going to get talking about some of the more practical ways to improve health and wellness.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with their wellness journey is that they start out all gung-ho, and then the inevitable road block comes and they give up!

This is a nasty habit that leads to a “poor little me” mindset. After awhile people can become conditioned to think that other people just “have it easy” and that results come as a sort of lottery—and the person who quits thinks they lost that lottery.

Part of the process is a mindset shift when we stop thinking about “problems” and instead think of “opportunities”.

See, problems can frustrate and cause us to become discouraged. Opportunities for growth, on the other hand, can be seen as challenges that can and will be overcome.

It is said that successful people see opportunity where unsuccessful people see problems everywhere they go.

I hope you enjoy this short video, and don’t be shy about giving me some feedback, as I will be working to improve the quality and content of these videos moving forward.


Benjamin Hetzel