Ignorance and lunacy: the mainstream healthcare industry

Not to rain on ya'll's parade, but our healthcare industry, mainly the mainstream allopathic megastructure, is such a catastrophe that its difficult to put it in words just how corrupt and senile it has really become.

Let's start with the obvious: Every single preventable disease is on the rise, and has been on the rise, since the healthcare industry was literally hijacked during the beginning of the 20th century.  More on that in a bit.

Let it be known that type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression and other "mental disorders", many types of cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and droves of others are all preventable.  Sure, you may hear otherwise through various indoctrination and propaganda techniques such as cable television and "experts", but the empowering truth of the matter is that we have nearly total control over our health.

Of course there are very rare genetic disorders, accidents and other instances where our health is basically out of our hands.  But this is a much smaller sliver than we are led to believe.  

The system is so bizarrely archaic and full of disinformation that it would be very entertaining if it wasn't something so near to the lives of every human being.  Instead of amusement, the system threatens to spiral further into decline, as the choices of Americans dwindle by the day, due mainly to an armed-to-the-teeth group of absolutely corrupt agencies that masquerade as regulatory agencies.  Here we speak of the vile FDA, USDA, AMA and AHA.  We can throw the DEA and FTC into this mix as well, acting as the police arm of what can only be described as a massive monopoly with one goal in mind:  Extreme profits at all costs, regardless of the impact on the average person, and regardless of the impact on the environment.

Let's start to pick apart this system piece by piece and I think by the end of this rant you will have a good blueprint of the farce that parades around calling itself "mainstream healthcare".

First off we have to come to the unsettling truth that our education system, like every major system in this country, has been commandeered by a group of elitist / psychopathic / sociopathic criminals that are so far removed from reality that they actually believe that they know what's best for the average person.  That is to say, the history we are taught is not "real" history, but more or less a chopped & screwed mixtape of half-truths, outright lies, omissions, and a small peppering of truths in the form of "useless knowledge" i.e. names, dates and other "fluff" which makes people seem intelligent but lacks any real fiber.

Its common knowledge in the fringe media that the military lies constantly through our history textbooks in an effort to literally brainwash the masses into trusting and even insisting that the endless slaughter and war that the worldwide U.S. presence facilitates, with the dutiful and bought-and-paid for mainstream media which is little more than a government propaganda machines, churning out rubbish at Niagara Falls rates and omitting key points in order to craft a fantasy-land narrative.  

The healthcare system is no different.

We are painted a picture in grade school of pre-industrial America, where people were sickly and horrible diseases like Polio ran rampant.  The arrival of the pharmaceutical industry which effectively and impressively destroyed any real semblance of health (or sanity for that matter) in America.  To put it mildly we are programmed to fear things that most people will never actually encounter, and then the "experts" swoop in with another drug, another excuse, another made up disease, or some other scheme to extract income from hardworking Americans, all the while literally robbing them (us) blind and restricting access to anything that actually improves health.  

The sad fact is that in depth research into the healthcare industry from a historical perspective reveals that it is a mob-style racket that only cares about the bottom line and for the most part has no real idea of how the human organism actually operates, much less how to fix it.  

They do this very easily by controlling the literature taught in med school, an obvious monopoly where the same cartels that fund the schools are the same crooks that control the education, and the same crooks that lead to the excretion of countless "experts" that sadly have no idea that most of their education was bent on making them subservient to their hidden masters, the pharmaceutical and medical monsters that place their CEO's at the head of the FDA, AMA and AHA and spew propaganda at again impressive levels.

We also have the food pyramid which is a blatant commercial for big food interests which are heavily tied to the same medical cartels spoken of above.  The pyramid I learned in school was, in retrospect, so laughingly bad that it should mean by itself the complete removal of these "experts" which can't even nail down what a human being should eat.  They even put fats and oils in the same category as "sweets", a concept so bizarre and unfounded that it makes you wonder if these "experts" have any knowledge about food at all.

Interestingly the main portion of the pyramid was "whole grains" which this day and age is code for "the shittiest frankenfood possible" as pictures of breakfast cereals are paraded around, even though they are some of the least nutrition "foods" on the market.  It makes you wonder if maybe the food industry, dominated by processed foods and chemicals, had a say in that pyramid that was portrayed to me as the best the U.S. has to offer to health students.  It would appear undeniably so.

Speaking of nutrient-deficient "food", it was heart rending for me to read that we spend on average 90 cents per student, per meal in the U.S., while we spend nearly $10 per meal for the convicts in prison in California alone.  Let that one sink in.  We spend ten times more on convicts than the children at our schools.  It really makes you wonder where the priorities lie for the corporations that run this country.  It appears that keeping slaves, excuse me, extremely cheap prison laborers, fit and healthy for servitude is paramount in importance compared to say, the intelligence and health of the next generation of said slaves that are currently undergoing programming in our (mis)education system.

The lunacy continues in "advanced education".  As someone with a bachelor's degree in health promotion I am no stranger to the system.  Sure, it has its benefits, like teaching people how to do research, and to get some basic, basic knowledge in realm of "science".  More on why I put that in quotations shortly.

Few people look in detail at who actually determines what is taught in school.  Delving into this area of research yields bitter fruit: It appears that the same clowns that we talked about before, the ones that hijacked the FDA and USDA, also have a big hand in our education.  These are the "experts" who's opinion is not to be questioned, to the chagrin of the outliers that do choose to revolt.  This yields the phenomenon known as "science" in America.  

"Science" is not science anymore, its actually what these people think we should know.  As history shows, those that question the mainstream are simply deleted from the history books, bundled into the Mount Everest sized pile of "quacks" who's entire lives and expertise is simply discarded like trash, only to be stumbled upon in the dusty recesses of libraries and fringe websites, which are equally regarded by "experts" as "pseudoscience".  This has especially been true in healthcare which was essentially sacked, again between the years of 1900 - 1950.  Since the generations that lived before this are obviously no longer with us, then we are literally at the whim of the same "experts" (read: psychopaths) to tell us "what is real".

Take for instance chiropractors, which are still getting rolls of the eyes from mainstream medicine, despite the fact that every chiropractor I've been to dwarfs the knowledge of mainstream medicine, which seems to only have surgery, drugs and chemicals on the brain.

If you are a homeopathic or naturopathic doctor, you are effectively stifled as well as you are not "recognized" by the omnipotent FDA.  Even nutritionists have to launch into lengthy disclaimers just to avoid lawsuits for insane claims such as "almonds can help keep your heart healthy".  Just search for "Blue Diamond FDA lawsuit" to see one example of the insanity at work at the FDA, which is simply another arm of the hideous beast.

The main thing to remember with our failure known as the healthcare industry is that it is predicated and relies on lies, propaganda, fear mongering, lying, intimidation and, if you are unlucky enough to discover a truly useful cure, ridicule, dismissal, or death.

It sounds negative, and it is, but there are positives in this, I promise you.  But to quote from Sun Tzu's 'Art of War', to conquer an enemy you must first love them like a child and understand them fully and without bias.  

So with the healthcare system we have to ignore the commercials, the false claims, and especially the fear mongering which could be the keystone of the entire system.  If we as a whole learn about how powerful our body's are and how much control we actually have, then the entire pharmaceutical industry, including their mentally-disabled cousins, the psychiatric industry, would simply collapse overnight.  If every person knew just how bad our food is, how Orwellian the entire industry has become, then the makers of our low-quality and disease-causing foods would also see the way of the dodo bird.  

Simply put, the brunt of the healthcare system relies on the public not having this knowledge.  This is why a massive portion of the industry relies on advertisements, planting "experts" on t.v., and maintaining complete control over the education system.  Priority one is keeping people confused, afraid and compliant.  All other objectives shrivel compared to this modus operandi.  

To put it simply, these companies want you to be fat, sick, tired, broke, in fear, compliant, non-questioning and obedient.  In this state the human population is so easy to control and manipulate its literally child's play for the psychopaths at the helm.  A healthy, questioning populace that is suspicious of their overlords and expects more than just surface-level propaganda is public enemy number one for these creatures.

So this brings us to the next tentacle of the monster and that is the mainstream media, which is just bizarre in its absurdity.  I am no conspiracy theorist but I deeply question whether some of these talking heads are actually humans or just robotoids or automatons, the degree of unquestioning servitude to their masters is mind blowing.  They seem to be completely incapable of having a real debate about anything, instead opting to just make up their own version of reality and portray it over the airwaves.  Its really pathetic to witness.

Here's a simple example of how hamstrung healthcare has become.  Bayer pharmaceuticals is a primary sponsor, or was, for major news outlets.  Anybody that thinks that Bayer, one of the most corrupt, evil companies on the planet, literally berthed out of nazi Germany and incapable of producing anything that helps humanity, only destruction, would allow a natural headache cure to be presented on their network, is living in fantasy land.

So we have this pharmaceutical bought and paid for "news" network that oddly enough never mentions a natural cure, picks out "experts" that Bayer handpicked for the commercial--excuse me--news broadcast, and attempts to bolster profits at every turn.  Its a very simple conflict of interest.

These guys are crafty, I'll give them that.  They are hip to the idea that a growing portion of the population, the intellectual sector, is becoming more aware that we've been had.  And so they know that the best way to control the zombie masses is to create "controlled opposition".  An example would be wikipedia or NPR.  National Public Radio is actually a pretty good source of information on interesting topics that the mainstream media never even glosses over, but they are still in the same soup on the major topics (like Russia).

They also love to create nice sounding NGO's (non governmental organizations), one preferred method of choice.  Something like "racing for a cure" sounds so loving, except for the fact that many people have already discovered and implemented natural cancer cures, for which they paid dearly for their noncompliance to the system, often times marked for death, which makes the whole "race for a cure" idea null and void.  However millions still donate (have their money stolen) to these organizations and to bad-mouth them in public will get you another slap on the wrist from "the experts" a.k.a. the pharmaceutical / medical cartel trolls that are simply paid off.

Speaking of racing for a cure, we next come to one of the big money-makers, the cancer industry, which unfortunately for the uninitiated has absolutely no interest whatsoever in curing or preventing cancer.  In fact the more profitable route is to spin the data to make their own poisons, known as chemotherapy and radiation, sound like "cures" even though the definition of a "cure" is cancer free for 3-5 years, not a lifetime.  So in this way they can claim they cured a cancer even though it returns later, stronger than ever and now unleashed on a permanently damaged immune system, and claims the life none the less.

The next tentacle is the CDC which is just a front for the medical industry again.  Like the other corrupt agencies run by psychopath elitists, this agency has a preferred tool for profits and that is fear-mongering.  Time and time again we are warned of an impending epidemic, currently the Zika virus which has been linked to microencephaly.  As with most of the fear mongering tactics employed, a simple google search and fifteen minutes of research collapses this lie like a wet paper bag.  

One of the psychological side effects of this corrupt industry as that by using sly tactics they not only infringe more and more on our rights daily, sometimes trampling them outright, but they convince a large portion of the population to beg for their rights to be taken away, as is the current case with vaccination, another corrupt industry.  Let me say forthright I am not totally anti-vaccination but I am pro-choice and the fact that mandatory vaccinations are being implemented should scare people.  But again, priority one is confusion and lying to the public constantly to the point that they don't realize they are giving away their own rights.

Fear mongering is the keystone of the system, and we should delve into that subject.  Let's look at the top things that our mainstream puppet media would have us be afraid of today: Terrorists, Zika, and Russia.  One thing these three have in common is that I've never encountered any of them and probably never will.  I am in no way concerned with Russia, or a mild cold-like virus like Zika or terrorists.

Its very important that the population be as afraid of ghosts and phantoms as possible, and one of the key pillars to this tower of make-believe-terror is convincing people that they don't have control over their health.  So science glorified genetics, claiming that they discovered the truth of humanity:  We are just genetically controlled robot beings with no souls and you can't do anything about it.  Of course this is a laughable lie to anyone that studies epigenetics but again epigenetics is "fringe science" and is discarded even though it is the future of genetics.

Here's a couple examples of the ignorance and lunacy of mainstream medicine and to a lesser degree science in general.  These are the same experts that claimed that 95% of the DNA chain is "junk" just because they are too incompetent or advanced to know what it does.  The same group of people that claim to know physics but insist that 95% of the universe is "dark matter", a term used to cover up the fact that they just don't know what's going on.

95% seems to be the number that describes the lack of information mainstream medicine propagates to its sycophants.  Maybe its just me but I don't really trust someone that doesn't know what 95% of the universe is, or the same percentage of the DNA chain that they claim rules our lives.

Genetics is a great profit producer because it hits two birds with one stone:  Firstly it entertains the fact that we have no control over our health, a perfect addition to the fear-mongering scheme.  At the same time it opens up a vast market for drug companies to try and fix something that they currently know five percent about.  More drugs and more fear, a potent duo in the quest for control.

Of course we are never really given the whole story, including the fact that we can change our genetics through diet and even thought alone.  So the reality is that we can actually impact our genetics, and certain genes only "switch on" from environmental factors.

We see the misinformation campaign in full swing when we begrudgingly turn on "the news" which again is neither new or informative.  When struggling to gain control of a healthcare system which is costing us hundreds of billions and is inefficient and corrupt, the real issues are never discussed.  You will see no movements from congress to imprison the pharmaceutical CEO's that lie and profit from the public daily, or calls to release the thousands of studies showing just how fraudulent the whole system really is.  Instead there is more fear mongering.  We see this with Trump's executive order to allow insurance to be bought over state lines.  It seems obvious that the insurance companies which are at the heart of the conspiracy would fight back, and they do with their minions in the mainstream media.  With some clever spin and half-truths, they attempt to scare America into thinking this will raise premiums, which were already set to rise by double digits anyway.  This is presented as "news" even though it is clearly a propaganda campaign from the pharmaceutical / medical / insurance cabal which lives and breaths money.

Another piece of the puzzle is the real-world practical application of this corrupt system.  Simply setting foot in a hospital or pharmacy with the before mentioned knowledge is bewildering.  Pharmacies are no more than drug dealing centers, with overpaid and undereducated assistants that know nothing of the drug they are dealing and couldn't care less because they are getting paid.

One word of advice would be only to listen to healthy people about how to be healthy.  Unfortunately it seems the healthcare industry does not practice what it preaches, or rather it gets exactly what it deserves.  Nurses are some of the most unhealthy people out there, and its egregious and not entirely their fault.  For whatever reason these poor souls are given swing shifts that basically force unhealthy habits.  They have to go long periods without food and are highly stressed.  This type of behavior is coveted by the psychopaths because what they yearn for more than everything is for their employees to a) believe they are the experts to the point of unearned arrogance and b) too busy, sick, tired and stressed to again, question the very nature of their reality.

There is another aspect of the corruption which is very disturbing and has been the fruit of years of perfecting insanity and that is censorship and control of the media, including "unbiased" social media platforms like facebook or twitter.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  Pharmaceutical and medical cartels are very aware that social media is giving natural health practitioners pedestals from which to preach the good word of health.  This is simply unacceptable to the overlords.  So what is employed are the same phony "experts" that are then charged with "fact checking" and removing "fake news" (conflicting views) from these platforms.  Facebook and its CIA friends as well as Google are well underway with this rewiring of the internet.  A simple google search, sadly, is propped up with mainstream "expert" websites at the top of the search.  Alternative health sites are typically dropped in the ratings, because the "fact checkers" don't like these views.  In this way the first amendment is effectively spat upon and doesn't really exist online anymore.

To sum it up, the healthcare industry is a fear-mongering operation run by pscyhopathic elitists with god-complexes at the very top and a litany of obedient servants running down the rungs of the ladder, with good well-intentioned people placed strategically in the positions of least power and influence, opting for greedy and frankly ignorant automaton-slaves to be planted in positions of influence, like the head of the FDA.  Only those that have gone through the indoctrination system (education) are allowed in areas of power, all opposition is systematically ridiculed, dismissed or worse.  A puppet media subliminally pulses misinformation and propaganda to the stressed, overworked and frightened public who is just trying to get by.  Behind the scenes, mountains of cash bribes and blackmailing ensues.  Because of the absolute financial power of the psychopaths that are so rich they literally don't know what to do with the money, but they want more, always more, they are able to control all aspects of the system like a puppeteer pulling the strings.  All of these agencies are in cahoots although the vast majority of people in them are just cattle and really have no idea what they are part of, and that is also one goal of the system: The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, so nobody has a sound idea, instead they are compartmentalized and taken care of financially, just enough to shut up and not as too many questions.  Alternative treatments that are very cheap, effective and more importantly don't have three hundred side effects, are simply shunned with a roll of the eyes.  There are millions aware of these treatments and millions of testimonials but because the cartels control education they will never allow a slave to view this data.  The system is predicated on fear and totally dependent on it.  Fear of epidemics, fears of terrorists, fears of Russia.  In fact the most common reason people have health coverage at all these days is because they are scared shitless about the financial devastation that could happen if they, say, spend three days in the hospital for a routine sickness.  

Someday, inevitably the system will fall.  A tipping point may be reached when enough people lift their head out of the sand, start asking questions and really understand that they have been lied to their entire lives.  The truth is that we are infinitely powerful beings, and only the human body knows how to heal itself, it does not need drugs, it does not recognize behavioral diseases like ADD, it has everything equipped internally to deal with these problems.  The day will come when we will slash 90% of the healthcare industry and use it for what its good for: emergencies only.  In fact, if I don't need emergency surgery I prefer to never hear from the medical establishment period.  We don't need "yearly checkups" and "preventative medicine" which is just code-speak for giving you medications before you even get sick.

But most importantly, embrace your health and potential and shed the fear-construct.  Breathe properly.  Manage your stress.  Sleep enough and properly.  Eat good food and exercise.  Use the proper supplements for "superhealth" which we for the first time ever have the potential for.  Its all at your fingertips, all you have to do is believe and have the confidence to live these truths.