Nutritional deficiencies that almost everyone has (including YOU)

As our knowledge of nutrition and the human body increases at breakneck speed, it is becoming increasingly apparent that, at least from my viewpoint, nutrition is the single greatest factor in disease.  But my view of nutrition is encompassing, meaning that not only what you eat and drink but also what you apply to your skin and hair, what you breathe, and also what you THINK.

One of the first examples of disease caused by nutrient deficiency was scurvy, which is a horrible disease that tended to plague sailors centuries ago as they embarked on long sea voyages but couldn't keep fresh food on the ships.  All these people knew was that when limes and sourkraut were consumed the disease mysteriously cured itself.  

Now we know that scurvy is simply vitamin C deficiency and so is very easy to treat.  

Scurvy is just one example of what can happen when severe deficiency is present, but the problem in the current age is slightly more sinister because microdeficiencies can cause an almost unlimited number of seemingly unrelated symptoms.  It is my opinion that, especially in the U.S., the majority of people are running around with numerous deficiencies that are extremely difficult to pin down.  Here are some examples of known deficiencies:

Glutamine: An essential amino acid that is extremely important for the immune system.  This deficiency is common with long distance runners and the like, where a long, slow breakdown churns through glutamine stores.  In fact there is a standard operating procedure for the level of deficiency.  Minute deficiency can be as little as a propensity to get minor colds and upper respiratory problems.  As the deficiency progresses it eventually can cause liver failure and death.  How many people do you know that are constantly getting colds?  This is extremely common.

Selenium: I read an article by a physician who was of the opinion that 90% of breast cancer was due to selenium deficiency.  How many people are even aware of selenium, much less how to get it in the diet (hint: fruits and vegetables and common-sense "healthy" foods).  Selenium deficiency also affects the brain and is common with mental disorders.

Magnesium: Very common deficiency.  Magnesium is integral for the nervous system and also for quality sleep.  Also, its needed for healthy bones.  How many people do you know that are depressed and can't sleep?

Vitamin D3: The RDA for vitamin D is a mere 5-10% of what nutrition experts believe we should consume.  Its not uncommon for specialized products to contain 10,000% of the RDA.  Vitamin D has too many health benefits to name, but deficiency is linked to depression, skin problems, digestive problems, nervous system disorders and more.  Again, how many people do you know that fit these criteria?  Everyone!

Vitamin C: Besides scurvy, there are innumerable people running around deficient in this and others.  Take what I say with a grain of salt but know this:  Getting sick all the time, having low energy and getting all types of diseases IS NOT NORMAL and deficiency should be the very first thing that is considered.  Unfortunately most physicians are not specialized in nutrition, or even have a basic knowledge, so its no wonder why they are having a hard time pinning down all these weird diseases.  One thing worth noting is that vitamin C intravenous injection has been shown to be nearly as effective for curing cancer as chemo (which does not cure anything).  If you're wondering why its not on CNN, you're guess is as good as mine.  Very few people have this knowledge.

Iron: Severe iron deficiency is easy to spot because you will literally bleed out.  Many people are slightly deficient in iron, which affects cardiovascular health, immune health and obviously a properly flowing circulatory system.  

Vitamin A / Retinol: Vision problems ensue when deficient in vitamin A.  This is why carrots are "eye healthy".

B vitamins: B vitamins are crucial for cellular energy production.  They do not give you energy like caffeine they instead help your body naturally create energy.  Deficiencies in any B vitamin can cause sluggish energy, slowed metabolism and other cell issues.

This is a tiny sample of possible deficiencies.  And there are tons of other things your body needs to thrive.  

What annoys me to great length is the fact that the medical industry has almost no idea what we're even talking about here, to the chagrin of the millions of people that bounce around the system, misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, hacking out body parts and other absolutely ludicrous ideas that our failed system can come up with to ensure that the same companies make more and more money off the peons just trying to find out what's wrong.


Multiple schlerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, gout, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, diabetes, Hashimotos, alzheimers.  What do these things have in common?  They are all autoimmune diseases.

How many times will I go through this nightmare scenario:  Someone has been having one or more of these above listed issues, have been suffering for years, have been convinced that there is no hope, that they will be medicated and in pain for the rest of their lousy lives.

Absurdity, lying, disgrace.  That's the only way to explain it.  Absurdity in the fact that something as basic as what you eat and drink is completely omitted in many cases.  Lying when the patient is told their genetics caused it, lying when they say there is no cure, lying by omission by withholding simple and effective advice from the patient, lying that medication is the only route.  Disgrace in the fact that entire lives are ruined from things that could have been absurdly simple.  

I recently talked to a girl with Lyme Disease, another autoimmune condition, who was on a slew of antibiotics and had been for years.  She was on multiple medications.  The question that I always fear asking because I know the answer is:

"What nutrition plan have they put you on?"

The answer of course is usually a blank stare followed by "nothing."  

Years have destroyed her immune system and digestive tract.  Lyme disease is a digestive issue, which means that it is an immune issue because most of our immune system is in the gut.  So here's a long term barrage of antibiotics which have effectively destroyed her immune system, with no thought at all given to put her on a pro/prebiotic regiment that would heal the immune system.

Let me be expressly clear when I say this:  You must consume certain nutrients to have a healthy immune system and digestive tract.  Failure to comply will result in autoimmune disease, period.  

probiotics, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin C, glutamine...these are just a small sampling of essential immune factors.  

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick all the time while some seem to never get sick at all?  Is this genetics?  Partly.  Its also widespread deficiencies across the population that are compounded by unhealthy lifestyle habits, disempowering thought forms, toxins by the truck-full, and nutrient depleted sugar laden crap like doughnuts and Sarah Lee crumble cake.

Funny, I used to have asthma and eczema, two more autoimmune disorders, and now I don't.  Was it luck?  Did I "grow out of it"?  What is growing out of something anyway?  Seems like a lousy explanation.

The answer is pretty simple, I happened to stumble into a nutrition degree and started taking complete control of my health.  I started supplementing and self-diagnosing.  In the end I just cured a bunch of nutrient deficiencies.  Nothing more.  No magic, no luck, just good lifestyle habits.  I was and am no means perfect with my nutrition but here perhaps is the crux of the entire thing:

1) If you're deficient you will get sick, injured or both

2) if you're consuming toxins on top of these deficiencies, your body stands no chance of being healthy

3) if you're consuming toxins but are also getting the nutrients then you will have a little wiggle room

4) if you decrease toxin intake, use mother nature in all her splendor, not only fix simple deficiencies but also use the SUPER nutrients available like green tea, ginkgo biloba, turmeric and more, then you will have SUPER HEALTH.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this.  In my mind there are two options:  Learn all of this stuff for yourself, become an avid researcher and constantly tweak and improve your diet, or find someone who you trust intimately to do the above.  Here are some guidelines for seeking the information and achieving super health:

- Eliminate disempowering people and ideas from your life.  This is not easy to do, but this includes "yes men", energy vampires that just pull you down, and those that are unfortunately still entrenched neck deep in "The Matrix".  

- Embrace the idea that you can have superhealth and anyone who says otherwise be damned.  We need the medical system but we don't need people telling us we have incurable diseases, or that we'll have to suffer our whole life.  Melt down this disabling thought pattern the way you would melt gold

- Accept no excuses.  Sickness is essential to human life because it tells us that something is not right within.  Sickness is a symptom.  Fix it.

- Make nutrition and lifestyle a core part of your life.  Health in my minds is the single most important aspect of life.  You do not need to be selfish, or start working out five hours a day, or become "addicted".  If you do one hour of independent research a day you can compile mountains of knowledge over time.  I've been researching nutrition an health daily for over ten years, many times spending much more than one hour per day.  Even with just one hour, that would mean I have compiled some 3,650 hours of nutrition research.

- Enjoy the ride!  The pinnacle of life is when you're feeling good, sleeping good, have high, constant energy and are not depressed.  All of the above is completely under your control unless you voluntarily give away your rights.  Research, study, experiment, find people that want to join you on this journey.  Help other people and collectively we can curtail the devastating financial catastrophe that has gripped this nation in the last decade.

Before it was acceptable to not know these things.  Now we have the internet, entire libraries, courses, and experts, all literally at your fingertips.  There is simply no excuse with our technology to put up with this laughable notion that sickness is normal to rest.

Ben Hetzel

Nutrition Specialist