Ben hetzel - founder

My name is Ben and I am the founder of Tactical Nutrition Team.  When I graduated from college with a bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Wellness I thought I knew how to be healthy.  I worked out everyday and was very active, and I generally kept a low body fat.  However, my cardiovascular health was horrible and I wasn't making good nutritional choices; even with my schooling I was eating a calorie dense but limited diet.  I was a personal trainer but my clients weren't making the progress I was expecting due to poor nutritional habits.  When I discovered Herbalife it was a purely a business choice to make supplemental income and to help my clients achieve better results.  What I didn't expect was MY results!  I have added 25 pounds of muscle, my energy is through the roof and I rarely get sick.  Best of all, I dropped 2% body fat in the process and at age 32 I continue to see myself improve.  I never knew what TRUE nutrition was until I got on these products and used them to optimize my nutrition plan.


Derrick D.

Derrick works a very full time job as an engineer and also had a lofty goal of maintaining 240 lbs while losing about 15% body fat.  This means he had to add a lot of muscle around a full time job and relationship.  We started on a rigorous weight lifting and high intensity conditioning regiment to shed fat and add muscle.  Thanks to his nutrition plan he was able to combat the obstacles that he faced daily and achieve this amazing transformation in 3 months.  



Amy is a full time hair stylist who was looking to lose a little weight and gain energy.  She was having problems getting nutrition due to the constraints of her job and needed something that would fit her lifestyle.  She wasn't looking for a gym membership just a healthy practice and we had the pleasure of meeting by chance.  With her Herbalife plan and a massive support structure she has transformed her habits naturally and is well on her way to reaching her ultimate goal and beyond.




New father of a baby girl, Ken came in to do personal training and was looking to dial in his nutrition as well.  With consistency and leading an active, healthy lifestyle he was able to drop 40lbs and reduce a chest issue which had been bothering him for years.  Just another exmpale of what good nutrition and a positive mindset can do!






In seven months Tina was able to cut her bodyfat in half from 30% to 15% and successfully complete here first bikini competition where she took home two 2nd place finishes!  Power training and using Herbalife along with being dedicated to her goals allowed her to make an AMAZING transformation in only several months.